miércoles, 9 de febrero de 2011


Denny: No, no. We're taking turns. I've decided. It's polite and it keeps me from yelling. When it's your turn again, you can talk. (Pause) For five years, I've had to live by the choices of my doctors. The guys taht cut me open decided my life; there wasn't one chocie that was mine. And now, I have this heart that beats and works. I get to be like everybody else, I get to make my own decisions, have my own life, do whatever the damned hell I choose. Now here's the good part, so you listen close, what I choose, is you. You're who I want to wake up with and go to bed with and do everything in between with. i get a choice now. I get to choose. I choose you, Izzie Stevens. Okay, it's your turn again.

Grey's Anatomy.

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  1. Después de esto tu turno se compone de un gran silencio acompañado de tu cara de asombro y tu sonrisa de boba...

    ... pero nos encantan las sonrisas de boba...